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Faction Base Trials

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Faction Base Trials

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:56 am

Nine Trials

With the November 2, 2011 update, the Nine Trials were added to the bases. After a marshal or above has activated the quest, up to 100 level 80+ characters with at least 100 contribution may enter and participate in this difficult contest. You have up to a week to complete before the trials are automatically reset each Wednesday; in the event you complete them before that, they can be reset at a cost of 1,000,000 coins and done again (limit of 3 times per week.) If you fail a trial, you have to start that trial over from the start.

Blessing of the Gods

This is buff you may buy to use during the trials for 10,000 coin and some contribution, and greatly increases your mana recovery and doubles your attack power with skills (but not auto-attack.) It expires when you die or leave the base.

1. Trial of Balance

The first trial, the trial of balance, involves balancing the elements. Each element's room has a number of non-aggressive elementals. When one elemental is killed, another is spawned in the next element's room clockwise around (metal->water->wood->fire->earth->metal.) All elementals are [?] level with over 50 million HP. When the elements are balanced, a boss is spawned.

Technique: Concentrate on one mob at a time, one room at a time. Have someone calculate what the balance point is, and keep track of how many in which rooms you need to kill. Do not use any AoEs (other than Chromatic Healing Beam), attack AoEs will get you killed by attracting the attention of other mobs, and BB it seems will eventually get aggro from non-attacked mobs. Sage Soul Degeneration will greatly speed kills.

Note: The number of mobs in the different elements takes some time to stabilize after the trial is started. Don't race in and start killing before they have stabilized at a total divisible by 5, or you will end up with a glitched trial that can't be completed.
Metal Elementals These have physical and magical AoEs, and a lightning attack. One of the harder to defeat elementals because of the frequent AoEs.
Water Elementals These have a water attack and a (rarely used) AoE.
Wood Elementals These have a ranged (physical?) attack and AoE poison.
Fire Elementals These have an AoE seal. Possibly the easiest element to do.
Earth Elementals These have a reflect buff. Assassins beware! Standing at maximum melee range will keep you safe from reflect 90% of the time. Reflect may be purged.

2. Trial of Defense

The Trial of Defense involves erecting defenses to kill a train of mobs that walk through the rooms.

3. Trial of Towers

The Trial of Towers tasks you to defend 3 towers and their guards from wave after wave of enemy attacks.

4. Trial of Duty

The Trial of Duty involves defending an NPC from 4 totems that surround it. Some of the totems are immune to magic damage while some are immune to physical damage so you need a good mix of classes and high DPS.

5. Trial of Elements

The Trial of Elements is similar to the Trial of Balance in that you have to balance 5 different rooms. The health of the rooms is continuously dropping and you have to raise them all up to above 100 to summon the boss.

6. Trial of Eternity

The Trial of Eternity centers around a large collection quest. You are tasked with assembling a complete manuscript from various fragments scattered around the stage.

7. Trial of Sacrifice

The Trial of Sacrifice tasks you to kill a certain a certain number of mobs. The mobs spawn in groups and run around the perimeter of a circular room. They have no attack but they do have a lot of HP.

8. Trial of Exodus

The Trial of Exodus involves freeing NPCs that are trapped in a jail and escorting them to safety.

Trial of Salvation

In the Trial of Salvation, wave after wave of enemy forces crash into your party. The enemies all have very large AoEs which can quickly wipe out a faction if they aren't killed fast enough. To defend against them you can erect large angels that can soak up a lot of damage. You have to kill a certain number in a limited time to summon the boss.


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